Top 3 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing Automation

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing Automation

When we first met digital marketing, there were reliable ways to reach thousands of people at once; but the vast majority of them have now been replaced by more practical and lucrative ways. Recipients are now constantly bombarded with messages and advertisements in their inboxes, social media and internet channels. Therefore, non-personal, irrelevant ads are not clicked or emails sent are deleted without even a second thought.

That is why marketing messages must be targeted and personalized to the specific needs and interests of each buyer. If you’re still using outdated digital marketing methods for most of your digital marketing communications, it’s time to set sail for new approaches. There may be a lot to change in digital marketing, but we specifically wanted to share with you how to edit and update your email marketing program.

The healthiest way to update your email marketing program is to get the most out of digital marketing automation solutions. It makes life easier for today’s marketers to send emails only once, when necessary, and to install automated programs for everything that is virtual. This not only saves time but also makes your messages stand out and stand out among others. Above all, this situation promises much more income. That’s why be sure to review the following three ways that you can work in a much more organized and effective way:

Transactional / Trigger Messages in Email Marketing

In fact, the power of digital marketing automation is mostly used in this field. Such messages are mostly triggered by more personal communication methods, such as event attendance approval, downloading product promotion information, or tracking a watched video. Digital marketing automation solutions allow the market visitors to monitor the behavior of the site visitors on the web and gain detailed information about the buyer’s interests. With this information, the digital marketing automation solution allows messages to be sent, especially in accordance with the recipient’s behavior on the Internet.

Such triggering messages allow each individual to move one step closer to the purchase decision, while at the same time being highly effective in keeping your brand name in mind. However, it is almost impossible to carry out these processes manually. In fact, among the brands that send more than 50 different automatic e-mails every day, there are institutions that use 24 triggers and functional programs for this business. In addition, digital marketing automation ensures that each message is personalized to any database and automatically tailored to dynamic content for rules-based content. In short, once you realize the power of trigger messages as a digital marketer, you’ll wonder how you’ve managed so far without this important opportunity.

Life Cycle Campaigns

Life-cycle campaigns are a must for every digital marketing department. These programs include more welcome or re-activation programs for work-out, feeding or inactive members. The best part of these programs is that they can be designed specifically for a buyer at any point in the buying cycle, whether they are in their first interaction with your company or in the final stages of their purchase decisions. You can also combine these with your existing customer database to sell and cross-sell your additional products and services. Thus, as soon as a customer interacts with your brand through any channel, the customer’s behavior is added to the profile in the database, so you can place such recipients according to their interests.

Whether you are downloading product information sent via an e-newsletter or registering for an internet-based seminar, this program gives you more information about the customer’s needs and interests when the customer takes action. With each additional interaction, you can send much more personal messages that are more relevant to the purpose and can meet the needs of every customer with automation. Take the customer who downloaded the product information sent via e-bulletin. Through automation, you can place this person in a feeding program designed for individuals who have previously consumed this content. It may even design recycling programs to re-communicate with customers who are not yet ready to buy; you can make this program available to your sales representatives to start from their CRM system.

Email Marketing Promotions

Some e-mails are sent for one time only. These include promotional emails such as monthly newsletters or offers such as one-off coupons. While these messages are not part of a larger program or feed, they are actually areas where you can gather more information about your existing and potential customers. If you want these initiatives to be as effective as possible, consider using dynamic content, going to personalization, and even using content scraping processes. In this way, you can send different types of advertising-oriented communication styles that are more relevant to your buyers and increase your productivity.

In short, if you are tired of being defeated by old-fashioned methods, take the time to pause and think and arrange your communication method according to the three categories described above. Then, restructure your static messages one by one, using rules-based communication methods that will automatically be sent to meet the specific needs of your existing and potential customers. Soon you will see that you are freeing the production process and you get much better results.


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