SEO Tasks for Marketing Managers

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SEO Tasks for Marketing Managers

SEO tasks for Marketing Managers, might feel overwhelmed from time to time because of their constant effort to see the outcome. It is a long term commitment. There are no shortcuts and you must look for future results, not present ones. For SEO amateurs more important to follow SEO tasks, it is even harder. It is a constant battle to keep the rankings high. They will always try to find the easy way. We won’t talk about them today; we will address those who are striving to do white hat SEO.

SEO Tasks

1. Optimize your website for keywords

2. Optimize your website for content

3. Create Google analytics so that we can track our customers

4. Create Google webmaster account to track the website health

5. Optimize website for backlinks

6. Submit your website in niche directories

7. Submit your website in niche forums

8. Submit article or press release or news in direct content submission websites

9. Create social presents

10. Update content or blog on your website.

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