What is Marketing Automation and What are the Benefits?

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What is Marketing Automation and What are the Benefits?

Marketing automation helps you complete the purchasing process by enabling you to communicate with your target audience on the right platform and with appropriate content.

Marketing automation sounds a little strange. Because until recently, we did not encounter these two words together very often.

The goal of marketing is to raise awareness of the service or product, and in order to be successful in marketing, a team must seriously consider the issue. Automation, on the other hand, means doing something without human touch as much as possible. The unique structure of online media has brought a world in which these two terms are used together.

In the digital field, marketers have to consider how to deliver the message, as well as who gets it and how they interacted with the brand before. By gathering all the data and creating a map of ways to communicate with the consumer, they can enable potential and existing customers to automatically personalize the content.

Intelligent interaction methods, based on a degree of personalization of content and ways to interact with content, are at the center of marketing automation.

The power of online platforms; making it an attractive profit target for software giants such as IBM, Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe. A marketing automation system that connects to other software platforms can make communication with its target audience and customers much more powerful.

Marketing automation applications are very popular among B2B marketers, but these tools are also used by B2C marketers.

Content customization

Basically, marketing automation software can open a certain communication if the target audience or customer fulfills the expected behavior. For example, when a potential customer visits a product page with sneakers, the marketing automation system automatically sends an email to the person with details of the company’s different shoe models.

In fact, if a customer leaves the online sales site with a certain product in their basket, the system sends special offers to that person by email or notification. For this system to work well, the marketer places tags from the marketing automation platform; forms to receive the name and email information and takes action within the platform.

Hook up

An automation platform for B2B marketers can influence the buyer without contacting the sales representative. According to the researches, 57% of B2B buyers’ decision-making process is completed before reaching the sales department. In other words, these people have access to all the necessary information about the brand before allowing the company to contact them.

Marketing automation systems enable you to acquire potential customers by providing useful information about product categories to create trust. Your audience doesn’t decide to buy the first time they meet you. If you first focus on building and strengthening the relationship, the likelihood of completing the purchasing process increases.

Smart interaction

The real strength of marketing automation comes from the ability to generate custom messages depending on how far your potential customer is progressing in the purchasing process. For example, the person who clicks on the price list on your website feels ready to buy. Sending a comparative analysis to this person is able to motivate him to buy.

Categorizing potential customers correctly helps you ensure optimal interaction with them. That’s why you need to know the purpose and characteristics of people interested in your brand. It’s a good idea to track down what you’re doing on your website. On the other hand, the time of interaction is very important. You must interact with different content before and after the potential customer is interested in your brand.

Forecasting analysis

Categorizing your potential customer does not produce flawless results. For this reason, marketers turn to foresight analysis. You need to review a lot of data in order to best estimate the probability of a sale. Forecasting analyzes enable marketers to acquire sales and marketing data, taking into account many behaviors, from social media to recruitment of companies.

Forecasting analysis for B2C marketers can be used to programmatically purchase advertising decisions. By observing the performance of ads, some marketers can determine the messages they will spread across different channels.

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