Sports Marketing and Sports Digital Marketing in Turkey

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Sports Marketing and Sports Digital Marketing in Turkey

Sports takes its place as the 22nd sector in the world. And sports ranks first in front of automotive as a general turnover in all sectors. Apart from athletes, only 5.5 million people are employed in the sports industry in the USA. The most-watched programs in the world are sports programs. As of 2003, 55 billion people followed Formula 1 as of 2003. The second place in the World Cup.

Sport is an indispensable part of the belief life with its performance, recreational, rehabilitative and preventive dimensions.

Sports Industry; sports, other free time activities (trekking) in the form of performance (competition size in each category), recreative (sports size for health and beauty), rehabilitative (treatment of diseases and injuries) and preventive (prevention of diseases and injuries) form, paragliding, mountaineering, etc.) and related products, services, tools and equipment, people, places and thoughts.

What is Sports Marketing and Sports Digital Marketing?

“Sports Marketing involves the regulation of all activities in the process of exchange of goods and services in order to meet the needs and wishes of sports consumers.” In summary, it is the marketing activity of sports products and services. Sports Digital Marketing is the digital implementation and support of all these marketing activities.

The American Marketing Association conducts research in 1983. In this study, what is the marketing of sports is asked. As an answer to the question, 8 options are given and one of these options is requested.

The answers are:

a. Sales

b. Advertising and Promotion

c. Human relationship

d. Meeting the Needs

e. Program Development

f. Pricing

g. Planning and Distribution

h. All of the above

Most College League executives answered this question as “Sales and promotion”. But the correct answer is “All of the above.”

What does Sports Marketing Cover?

There are two main issues here. The first is to market sports products and services and deliver them directly to sports consumers. (TBL, Turkey Cup, a match, a tournament, recreational activities, etc.)

The other is the use of sports as a promotional tool in the marketing of industrial products and other consumer products.

Why is Sports Marketing Needed?

Today, especially in our country, the increase in the cost of team sports and the deterioration of economic conditions have led the sports club managers to search for new resources. This orientation has also made the concept of sports marketing spoken in our country.

In essence, the use of this concept under the name of sports marketing is also not very old. Although sports marketing is a new area within the marketing field; Sport has been marketed for centuries or used as a marketing tool. In summary, for centuries, entrepreneurs have sold sports events in different ways, but the concept of sports marketing was first used by Advertising Age Magazine in 1978. The magazine used this concept to describe consumer activities and the use of sport, a growing promotional tool in industrial products and service marketing.

In our country, the issue of sports shine has been used for about 15 years. The first meeting on this matter is the “Marketing Seminar in Sports” organized by TMOK between 8-9 April 1991 in Istanbul. The history of the beginning of the perception of sports as a business and an important promotional tool in our country is not very long.


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